Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Highlights of My Week

I had a really good week last week. Some days I didn't do anything, just spent them in my pyjamas (pretty normal for me) but I actually went out a few times, which was fun!
I thought I'd share some of my favourite things with you today, just things I've been enjoying and some highlights from the past week.
Here we go!

1. Being able to walk.
Seven weeks on from breaking my ankle and I'm slowly getting better at walking. Either using just one crutch or neither when I'm inside and then two when I go out. I've been going for a walk around where I live every evening, just for 15 minutes or so but it's really helping.

2. Half of My Heart by John Mayer
Such a lovely song! I first heard it when a band I like called Thee Acquainted did a cover of it on their Youtube channel and since then I've been hooked. I've been listening to their version and the original non-stop!

3. Guardians of the Galaxy
Have you seen this film yet?! It's absolutely brilliant. It's funny, has a great soundtrack, the makeup is awesome and the characters/actors that are in it are really cool. I also had a great time seeing this because I had my favourite flavour of ice cream at the cinema, American Birthday Cake from Baskin Robbins! And free popcorn and a drink!

4. My new Nikes
I bought these trainers from Sports Direct last week and I looooove them. They're a really bright pinky red colour, they're also really comfortable and make walking so much easier. They're a similar shape to the pair of New Balance trainers that I have but they're just a bit thicker with more support.

5. Getting my ear pierced
I finally got my ear pierced! I've wanted to get the top of my ear pierced for ages now and just never got round to doing it. But when I was out shopping on Saturday, to cheer myself up a bit I decided to go for it! Now I've got 12 weeks of healing to go through, which sucks.

6. The 100
If you haven't heard of this TV show then you're missing out! It's an American show that's on E4 at the moment and I've been really enjoying it. It's a bit cheesy but if you can ignore that then it's great. So it's set in the future after a nuclear war has left the world uninhabitable and everyone lives in a giant spaceship. But after 100 years they've decided to send 100 prisoners to earth to see if it can be repopulated. Oh and all the prisoners are about 17! So it's full of drama!

I might do another of these posts in a few weeks, to keep you updated on all my favourite things and what I've been watching/listening to. I think it's quite a fun post to do. I always like watching peoples monthly favourites videos on Youtube so this is like my version of that.

Friday, 15 August 2014

Pugs! Not Drugs!

This may seem weird, I'm writing a blog post about my blogging ideas book!
I just wanted to show you how cute it is! I got it from Tesco and it's just perfect.
Pugs are one of my favourite dogs and this is a phrase I say all the time.
So I got this notebook to write down all my ideas for future blog posts. I mostly bought it because I just LOVE getting new stationary and notebooks! But this one will serve a purpose and it'll look cute doing it.

As you can see it's has a plain white cover with this adorable but kinda ugly pug on it. I still love him, he's adorably ugly! It has a blue elastic strap on it, to keep the journal closed or to use as a page marker. I just use it to keep it closed, I don't want anyone stealing all my great ideas if it's left open!
On the inside it's pretty basic too, with grey lines that are kind of uneven so they look like they've been drawn on. Each page also has a few paw prints in the corner. The inside of the covers are both full pages of paw prints.
I like that it's such a simple design and that it doesn't have too many colours on it. 
I'm really happy with my new blogging book and I've already written quite a few ideas in it. I've been thinking of getting a new camera as well, but for now I'm just going to keep using my iPhone camera because it's alright really.

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Breaking Bones Isn't Fun!

About six weeks ago I fell down some stairs and broke my ankle. I don't think I realised how long it would take to heal and get back to normal. But here's what's happened to me so far.
When I first broke my ankle and went to A&E they put me in the white cast. It was hard on the back but soft on the top and REALLY uncomfortable. I guess it had a bit of space inside because the swelling needed to go down, but that just meant my foot could move around in it and it was really weird.
I had that for two weeks and then I had it changed to the black cast. The colour choices for the second cast weren't great, unless you're a twelve year old girl, I didn't want bright pink! So I went with black. This one was much more secure, lightweight and was hard all the way round.
 Two weeks later I had the cast taken off! And they said I could start walking and putting weight on it, which I didn't do straight away because that sounded really scary!
My ankle was still really bruised and stiff after not being used for a whole month. I had hardly any movement in it.
After another week I went for my first physiotherapy session, which was great! She showed me some exercises I can do to help get the movement back and to stretch the muscles. I even managed to walk a few steps with my crutches.
And now after six weeks of not using it and only doing the little stretches and walking every now and then I feel like I can do so much more. I can put my shoes on, even though it is still slightly swollen. And I can walk a lot more, still with the crutches but it's a start!
I'm feeling a lot better now, than when it first happened. It was really hard getting used to being on crutches and not walking, now I guess it's hard getting used to walking again. But it's made me really happy to be able to put shoes on and walk. It's the little things! Now I just need to get better at walking and get back to work!

And here's a list of some things I have learnt about having a broken ankle while recovering, which I'm still doing now.
1. You end up with every colour bruise imaginable.
2. Showering is difficult, the first one is the hardest but then you get used to it.
3. People stare at you, which is weird!
4. You can only wear one shoe.
5. Getting up and down the stairs requires planning and a lot of effort.
6. If you need to carry something, you either push it along the floor, hold it in your teeth or get an assistant.

Monday, 11 August 2014

Painting Plates - 9/8/14

That’s me concentrating on staying in the lines!
On Saturday I went to a creative cafe where you can paint your own bowls, mugs, plates and loads of other things. My Mum and her partner Janine both chose small plates and so did I.
I was flicking through a book of Street Art for some inspiration and found a page on one of my favourite artists “Stik” and I thought drawing my own would look really cool on a plate.

If you've never heard of Stik, here's some of his artwork. I found these photos on Instagram, but the middle one is in New York and the other two are in London.
Here’s the book and here’s the plan on my plate, I also chose this because I thought it’d be quite easy to do.


You have to paint three layers of everything you draw so that when it's finished it's bright enough.

And that's my finished plate! It's really simple but I think it'll look cool when I get it back.

I really want to paint more plates now, we were there for a good two and a half hours and we were all concentrating really hard on our plates.
Now I have to wait a week till I can pick it up because they have to cook it and glaze it. Or something like that!

Sunday, 10 August 2014

First Post Awkwardness... The Girl Behind the Blog

So this is the first post on my new blog! Ahh, exciting!
Let me introduce myself. My name is Rosie, I’m 20 and I live in Buckinghamshire.
I work part time in Waitrose and I’ve recently finished training as a makeup artist.
I’ve started this blog to write about all the things I enjoy. This could be what I’ve been doing recently, maybe a film review, or even an outfit post if I fancy it! 
So my blog might not have a theme to start with, I guess I’m just going to try a few things and see where it goes from there!

I've got a few things planned to write about which I'll have up soon, I'm so excited to get started working on my blog.
I put my Instagram on the side of my blog so give that a look too if you want. And don't forget to follow me on here for my latest updates!

I hope you like my blog and keep on reading as I post more!