Tuesday, 4 November 2014


I've been a bit absent from the blogging world recently! Blogtober didn't exactly go to plan, but I think posting 16 times in a month was pretty good! Considering I have never done any kind of regular posting before.

But where have I been? What have I been up to?
Last week I went on holiday, with my mum and her partner Janine. We went to Cornwall to visit my Aunt and Uncle in their new house. When we got there the weather was pretty foggy and grey! But that didn't stop us from doing all the things we wanted to do.
One day we went out for lunch at a seaside town called Looe. We had Cornish pasties and went for a walk through the town and along the beach.

Because it was Halloween we carved pumpkins, we all did really simple designs, except for Janine because she always does really cool pumpkins! By the way, that's my pumpkin in the middle, looking cute and scared!

They have a fire in their kitchen so we toasted marshmallows as well, which was my idea and what a great idea it was!


The next day we went for another walk but this was a much more serious walk. It was up a hill/mountain! It was probably just a hill, but there were large rocks everywhere that made it feel like we were rock climbing up a mountain.

It's a place called Bodmin Moor and it was beautiful and so much fun to walk around. 
The view from the top of the hill was great and I bet on a sunny day it would have been even better.

It was so windy on the walk up and especially at the top, as this picture proves!
After the long walk up and back down the hill we went for cream teas, but I had a toastie instead! Because I don't like cream. But then my mum gave me half of her scone and I just had jam on it.

In the evening we went for fish and chips in Padstow, which is such a lovely place to visit. It's a harbor town and has really great shops. It's just a shame that we went in the evening and everything was closed!
It was only a short visit and now I'm back to working loads!

Here's my mum, me and Janine on the pier at Looe, looking like we really want to be there and have our photo taken!

Oh and here's me in a little cave thing!

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